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“Batter Up!”

Bright lights, tube socks, Wrigley’s Chewing gum, and the smell of fresh cut grass.  You may laugh when I say these bring back fond memories of my child hood.  They quickly take me back to my days of youth baseball.  I can still picture the faces of my teammates, rally caps on backwards ready for a big comeback.  Team sports Read More

40 years in the Making: A Note from our President

Where do I begin? I asked myself the same thing repeatedly as I sat before the keys of my Mac writing this introduction to our newsletter. Every newsletter introduction takes some thought to prepare, but this being the kickoff of our forty-year anniversary, and me just having spent much of the week attending classes and shaking hands with industry friends Read More

November 2014 Testimonial

Part of our triple net bottom line philosophy is to build stronger community. One of the ways we do it is through helping teachers like Jodi: “Man, those guys were awesome on Friday. What a cool group of dudes. Jacob, Brandon, Kevin and Oly were amazing. They instructed the kids and explained what and why they were doing things. It Read More